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A Video Introduction to UniFi with Troy Hunt

We are pleased to announce a new video series “Introduction to UniFi” is available on our YouTube channel. These videos were created by Troy Hunt, who in addition to being a Pluralsight Author, Microsoft Regional Director, internet security expert and tech blogger, is a UniFi user and enthusiast (see his website here). He has posted a number of helpful blog posts about his home UniFi deployments- and put together this course to help provide a better introduction for those who may not be as familiar with the product line or who are interested in giving UniFi a try.

Troy explains the `why` of UniFi and how UniFi products work together- and walks us through a real-life deployment he did for Alfresco Italian Restaurant in Queensland, Australia.

The guiding concept behind UniFi is building high-performance networks while simplifying and consolidating each component into an integrated controller experience. In these videos, Troy does a great job showing how each the UniFi products work together to create a powerful, yet accessible all-in-one network solution.

Check out the full video series here:

For more details, see Troy’s post that discusses his inspiration and why he was interested in creating these videos: