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airOS – New Software Release: 8.5.1/6.1.6

Hi Everyone,

We recently released airOS v8.5.1 for airMAX AC and airOS v6.1.6 for airMAX M. These versions have some cool new features, bug fixes and performance improvements that will make your airMAX devices better than ever. Let’s take a look at the main features of these releases:

Receive Signal Enhancement (ReSE)

ReSE is an exciting new feature that can really boost your network performance in GPS Sync or Fixed Frame mode. By enabling the feature on your AP, ReSE allows the AP and its clients to dynamically adjust how it interprets wanted signals and noise over time, including over very short windows of time. This allows the network to adapt to fast and drastic fades that would otherwise lower performance. It also uses a few processing tricks to help both the AP and its clients hear their wanted signals better. The clients will follow the AP when the feature is on.

The end result of ReSE is better performance for your network in the face of interference. You’ll need to be using an airMAX AC AP to enable the feature, but the network can benefit from ReSE whether it’s using AC or M clients. Make sure they’re all on the latest airOS beforehand.

Wireless Network Protection (WNP)

This feature provides protection against de-authentication attacks. We’ve seen some cases where airMAX WISPs are being targeted with prolonged de-authentication attacks, and even some cases where they’ve been caused by misbehaving equipment from other vendors too. If you’re in this group or just want some extra peace of mind, you can enable WNP from the AP. Make sure that all the connected clients are updated to v8.5.1 or v6.1.6 first. Bear in mind you’ll also need to be using an airMAX AC AP, but both AC and M clients will be protected this way.

More frequency in the UK

As of these releases, we’ve opened the frequency range of 5725-5850 MHz for those network operators in the UK. We’re still investigating some of the other recent regulatory changes in other countries and will update you as soon as we can open those channels up as well.

Fresnel view in the dashboard

In airOS v8.5.1, we’ve updated the web UI to add the fresnel view as you can see below. The idea is to give you an at-a-glance view of the profile of your link, and the UI uses data from airLink to show you this view. Note that both ends of the link must have their co-ordinates and height data entered (devices with GPS receivers will auto-populate this data) and the web UI must be able to access the internet. You can also switch between fresnel, map and link views.

Chain imbalances

Another addition to the web UI in airOS v8.5.1 is the delta indicator next to the receive signal level. Many users know that the two numbers in brackets will indicate a chain imbalance if they are different from one another, but now we’ve added a delta symbol next to them as well to quickly show if you have a chain imbalance issue. It’ll turn red for a more than 5dB delta.

In addition to these features, this update offers several more minor ones and lots of bug fixes and performance improvements as well. For a full list, check out the release notes for airOS v8.5.1 here and for airOS v6.1.6 here. When you’re ready to upgrade, you can find airOS v8.5.1 here and airOS v6.1.6 here.

Thanks for reading and for helping to make these new versions of airOS the best yet. Let us know how your experience is on the community forum in the airMAX sections!