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UNMS 0.12.0

We proudly present the latest version of our product. The UNMS team prepared loads of changes and upgrades for you, so let’s have a look at them together. If you are not sure what UNMS is and you want to get acquainted please see this link. Maybe you already know UNMS and you would like to try it out? You can either try the demo or simply install it right away. Do you have questions? You’ll find lots of friendly people in our Community, ready to help you out or share some advice. From there you can also send us your feature requests.

New Supported Models

The ultimate goal of UNMS is to provide support for all Ubiquiti devices, with the exception of the UniFi line, which already has its own centralized controller. That is the reason why 0.12.0 version comes with a support for three new model lines.

EdgeSwitch XP

ToughSwitch support was a top Community feature request for some time. So the first step we took was to unify the names of all our switches to EdgeSwitch in the scope of latest FW 1.4.0. ToughSwitch thus becomes an EdgeSwitch XP. Then we added support for this popular device with a set of features, we consider to be essential for our users. This essential set contains: Statistics, Log, Outages, Backups, FW upgrade and connection via discovery with support for FW upgrade.

airFiber 5XHD

We had added support for airFiber 5XHD with FW 1.1.1-beta.1+. This exciting model contains our core communications processing engine, which surpasses all of the limitations inherent to generic Wi‐Fi chips. With more than 2,000,000 packets per second and spectral efficiency of 21.2 bps/Hz the LTU technology is by order better than its predecessors.

We added the essential set of features just like with EdgeSwitch XP. Right now we are working on dashboard and configuration features for airFiber LTU, similar to those on airCube.


We added support for EdgePower with FW 1.2.0-beta.1+, offering a set of essential features.But we are already working on adding more, starting with the creation of a very nice dashboard.

Network and wireless configuration for airCube

With a compact design and integrated 24V PoE passthrough, the airCube is a home Wi-Fi access point designed to interoperate with airMAX CPEs and is available in two models. Beginning with FW 2.0.1, UNMS allows you to manage all important setting on the wireless section, both for AP and repeater modes (ACB-AC + ACB-ISP). The settings include SSID, frequency, output power and security. Those are available separately for 2Ghz and 5Ghz range. In the network tab, the Bridge and Router modes are supported with basic LAN, WAN and DHCP settings. System configuration includes even LED night mode configuration.

UFiber OLT FW 1.1.0 and ONU 2.0.0

For UFiber OLT, we bring this much anticipated, major firmware update with router-mode management capability. We crushed a lot of bugs and added many new features so that UNMS can support everything FW OLT 1.1.1 offers. Along with the router mode, we enabled LAG and VLAN configuration. Going with this change we added support for ONU FW 2.0.0 with a new UNMS ONU screen showing clients MAC addresses. It is necessary to have OLT firmware in version 1.1.1+ for ONU changes to work.

UNMS dashboard

The brand new UNMS dashboard is a smart display, able to filter and show the currently ongoing outages. It offers real-time highlights of important events in your network. For now, there is no complex logic behind it, but in the future, we will introduce much more complex and smarter system with a codename Insights. The prominent part of the new dashboard shows the overall health of your network according to active sites/clients and again, we’ve only included the basics for now, with the prospect of much more sophisticated AI in the future. After topology network map feature, there will also be an option to showcase values like network throughput, problematic connections, and others

Remote Terminal

You asked for the remote CLI terminal and we delivered. And we are not talking about a simple black window, we offer fully interactive terminal with support for all commands like ‘top’. Terminal will work for EdgeRouter with FW 1.10.0+, OLT 1.1.0+, airMAX AC 8.5.1-beta.1+ and airMAX M 6.1.6-beta.1+.


For a long time there were voices in the community asking for a speedtest feature. We heard you and we are delivering it now. For this extremely useful feature we used the iperf2 platform and we are sure that it will bring a major benefit to anyone dealing with network administration. For now, we only support measurements between airMAX and EdgeMAX devices, but very soon there will be a speedtest to the internet.

Datalinks and the Topology Map

For now, data links can be created manually. Wireless and GPON links are connected automatically. This is a basic step for more advanced upcoming features:

  • Automatic discovery of ethernet data links/connections.
  • Interactive graphical editor of network topology with sections. Whole network (Site as the main entity) and detailed plan of each site and client.
  • Smart outages will be able to determine a specific device in the network responsible for its outage. We will no longer report the crash of the whole network segment but we will point at the specific culprit.


We set up a couple of new CLI commands to help with UNMS maintenance and issue solving. You can still use CLI for basic actions like stopping and starting UNMS containers or to reset a password, but additionally, it is now very easy to fix your redis aof file or to refresh your LetsEncrypt certificate.

Official Documentation

We always strive to improve not only UNMS, but the overall satisfaction of our users. That is why we have started to modernize our official documentation. You can try the new better-stylized help center here.