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Introducing UniFi EoT and our latest UniFi LED


We are pleased to announce a new product line: UniFi EoT, Enterprise Internet of Things. This new UniFi line is a complete IP-based solution targeting the enterprise and SMB sectors. Since 2005, Ubiquiti Networks has provided solutions in the form of wireless access points, routers, network switches, and more. Now we wish to expand to the rest of the essential equipment for small medium business, schools, hotels or even large enterprise. The solution we bring to you today is robust, affordable, easy to install, flexible for feature expansion and should reduce the total cost of ownership in the long run.

UniFi EoT starts today new category UniFi LED and with two new products: our UniFi LED Panel (ULED-AT) and UniFi Dimmer Switch (UDIM-AT) powered by PoE technology. Our EoT roadmap includes more products following the UniFi vision of powerful technology, simple installation and configuration, all unified under one same controller.

UniFi LED Panel (ULED-AT)

Powered by native 802.3at PoE+ technology, the UniFi LED Panel is an energy-efficient ceiling light that provides adjustable, high-efficiency indoor lighting. Utilizing long-lasting LEDs that provide over 50,000+ hours of luminance, the LED Panel requires very little maintenance and can be easily managed by the UniFi LED mobile app. Group, name, locate and even monitor energy usage of your UniFi LED panels using the mobile app, available on iOS and Android. The UniFi Dimmer (sold separately) can be paired with one or several panels for convenient dimming and on/off control on site.

UniFi Dimmer Switch (UDIM-AT)

The UniFi Dimmer is a smart in-wall dimmer switch for use with the UniFi LED Lighting System. Powered by PoE, the UDIM-AT is designed to fit in a one-gang electrical switch box and networked by 802.3af PoE. It is designed to work with any ULED instantaneously when connected to the same L2 network. You can also use the intuitive UniFi LED App and UniFi LED Controller to configure the UDIM-AT to control a defined group of UniFi LED lights.

UniFi LED Controller (Beta) / UniFI LED App

The UniFi LED Controller is designed to control and configure ULED-AT, UDIM-AT and future LED products. For more information on download and installation, please refer to this wiki link to UniFi LED Controller. You can also download the UniFi LED App from the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android device  to control and configure LED devices anytime, anywhere.

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