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UCRM 2.13.0 Now Keeps Track of Client Leads

We are pleased to announce the latest stable release of UCRM 2.13.0. In close cooperation with the Ubiquiti community, we have managed to release a UCRM upgrade with several new features and many enhancements. Let’s take a look:

Client Leads

This brand new feature in UCRM enables a WISP to sign up and manage new potential clients in UCRM. It is the next step of the previously introduced Quoted Services and Quotes feature. Leads can be managed separately from other active clients. Invoicing is inactive for leads; this enables the administrator to discuss a lead’s quoted services (using the ticketing system), do a site survey, schedule the installation job for a technician, and eventually accept the lead and activate service alongside its automatic invoicing.


What’s more, the UCRM Client Signup plugin by Brandon White can be used to provide your potential clients with a self-signup form. This plugin has been extended to support lead creation and subscription management. Check out this and other plugins.

We aim to provide an easy solution that leverages current processes used by most ISPs, while keeping the UI very simple and user-friendly. The process of acquiring new client leads will become even simpler with upcoming features such as Easy Site Survey support, which will be implemented in the near future.

Easier Online Payments for Your Clients

This is another feature that makes both your and your clients’ lives easier. Now your invoice template can be enhanced with a direct payment link. Your clients can use it to pay you directly, without needing to log in to the client zone. Simply enable one of the supported payment gateways in UCRM to enjoy more rapid payments of invoices.

Account Statements

You spoke, we listened. We’re pleased to introduce one of our most requested features in v2.13. Now you can view a client’s account statement, use various date filters, export it to PDF, and send it to your client. This gives you better insight into the client’s account history, as well as an overview of all the client’s invoices, payments, and refunds, all in chronological order.

Ticketing and Scheduling Interactions

Complementing the recently added Canned Responses feature in Ticketing, we now introduce a new feature that allows you to link a ticket with a job that can be scheduled and monitored by a technician. Moreover, you can create a new job based on a ticket, so that tickets won’t be missed. Several other improvements are on the list for a future release, so stay tuned.

Batch Data Imports

To help simplify the tedious manual work that goes into running an ISP, you can now use our improved CSV import of payments or clients along with their services (check out the CSV samples at System > Tools). And for even greater automation than CSVs can provide, you can use one of the UCRM Plugins to create payments or clients from any data source.


As the popularity of UCRM Plugins and the newly added extensions continues to grow, community developers recently introduced a couple of new plugins, and some existing ones were improved – check out the Self Sign Up plugin, plugins integrating your data with external accounting tools, or plugins managing third-party hardware:

Try UCRM and Let Us Know What You Think

Many more updates and useful features are coming to UCRM in the near future. Make sure to stay updated by checking out the Ubiquiti Community, and try the UCRM online demo or download it now for free. Share your thoughts with us on the Community and in our official ISP Professionals Facebook group.