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UCRM 2.14 is Now Available

We recently released the new UCRM version 2.14, which implemented several frequently requested features and improvements. We are also proud to announce a couple of useful integrations with airLink™ and SMS Gateway.

Easy Client Leads Integrated with Site Survey

Client leads management has been improved with integration of the airLink tool. Now, while evaluating a new client lead in UCRM, you can easily check the feasibility of the link between the client and the nearest AP site. Check it out and stay tuned for more upgrades planned for this feature.

SMS Gateway

This was one of the top most requested features. It’s now available and you can automatically send an early warning to your clients using a new UCRM plugin. For example, start sending an SMS to the clients whose invoices are going to become overdue. In addition, you can choose from several webhook events that will trigger a customizable SMS.

More Extensibility

We continue to work on UCRM extensibility and integrations wanted by WISPs worldwide. We are happy to see enthusiastic developers and the UBNT Community willing to help us and even develop their own plugins to share with everyone. See what’s planned and what’s under development right now in the UCRM Plugins forum section. Also, would you like to extend the SMS plugin to send out WhatsApp messages? Share your feedback and requests in the forum!

As usual, this new UCRM version contains many new features and fixes. Feel free to upgrade now for more customization, email templates, better accessibility, and improvements to the UX and API.

We are continuing to make solid progress on UCRM and UCRM integration. Make sure to stay updated by checking out the Ubiquiti Community, and try the UCRM online demo or download it now for free. Share your thoughts with us on the Community and in our official ISP Professionals Facebook group.