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UniFi Dream Machine update enhances WiFiman integration and functionality

UniFi Network and WiFiman (iOS / Android) have worked in tandem to give you real-time speed testing, robust connection mapping, and detailed wireless performance insights—but always separately.

Our team has been working hard to bridge this divide and we’re proud to announce that we’ve finally brought full WiFiman functionality to the UniFi Dream Machine (UDM), Dream Machine Pro (UDM Pro), and Network application with our 1.9.0 firmware release!



Assess the WiFi speed of individual devices or your entire site from a single interface


The WiFiman mobile app, when connected to the same network as a UDM updated to 1.9.0 or later, can function as a site survey tool that allows you to centrally view and analyze the WiFi speed of multiple devices connected to your network. This new feature is ideal for those planning or managing complex RF deployments since it simplifies the evaluation of wireless coverage and capacity.

You’ll also be able to see detailed WiFi metrics for all of your devices in the UniFi Network application (web or mobile), including connection-specific downlink, uplink, and throughput information. If you’re looking for a little more detail, you can also see advanced data such as radio-specific packet transfer data, channel customization options, and comprehensive usage statistics.




Deeper speed testing and simpler result comparison


When connected to your UniFi system, WiFiman also makes it easier to assess your network’s pure wireless capacity. In addition to testing your direct ISP speed, you’ll also be able to conduct concurrent tests that gauge the connection strength between your UDM and network devices. This added dimension allows you to determine whether coverage bottlenecks originate from a wired or wireless source.




WiFiman and the UniFi Dream Machine:
IT’s dynamic duo


The greatest nemesis of any network administrator is a lack of information. Save yourself from the perils of wireless uncertainty and get the full picture of your network’s speed and connectivity by updating your Dream Machine’s firmware to version 1.9.0. 

To update to Version 1.9.0 or higher:

    1. Navigating to Settings > System Settings > Maintenance in your UniFi Network web application.
    2. Click the OS Settings link on the Controller Updates line.
    3. Click the Update to… link in your Dream Machine’s device window.