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EdgeRouter 12P and EdgePower EP-54V-72W Expand the EdgeMAX Family

We are pleased to introduce two new products in our EdgeMAX family.

The EdgeRouter 12P is an enhanced version of the EdgeRouter 12, providing 8 Gbps switching performance and 24V PoE on all Ethernet ports.

The EdgePower 54V 72W is a cost-efficient way to power 54V WISP links, like airFiber, with a battery back-up.

EdgeRouter 12P with 24V PoE Powers AirMAX and LTU

EdgeRouter 12 products offer market-leading price and performance. The EdgeRouter 12P goes one step further, removing the need for a separate 24V PoE switch. Adding convenience, saving space and lowering site costs, it powers airMAX and LTU products with 24V PoE.

Ten RJ-45 ports offer Gigabit speed. Two Gigabit SFP uplinks provide flexibility and reliability. Each 24V PoE port provides 17W PoE power, up to the maximum of 120W PoE power from all the ports.

Free-of-charge, UNMS (Ubiquiti Network Management System) manages the ER-12P and other EdgeMAX products. UNMS offers a single, easy-to-use interface for comprehensive network management capabilities.

LiteAC SectorAPs powered by ER-12P PoE and secured with battery backup power

EdgePower EP-54V-72W Provides Smart 54V Power

The EdgePower EP-54V-72W offers a cost-efficient way to operate high-power 54V PoE devices with a battery backup solution. It’s ideal for products like airFiber, which require 40-50W PoE power, depending on the specific model.

The UNMS software manages and monitors the EP-54V-72W, and the SNMP MIB provides additional remote monitoring capabilities.

The 12V interface maintains the battery charge and switches to backup power mode in the absence of AC power. Technicians can replace the battery without interruption to the service.

There are three outputs for 54V: two RJ45 PoE ports and one DC power connector. The two 10/100M Ethernet PoE interfaces enable connecting the unit to a switch and adding an 802.3af PoE device like a surveillance camera. The 54V PoE is compatible with most 802.3af/at PoE devices.

The EdgePower EP-54V-72W is easy to add to any site and integrates seamlessly with other EdgePower products.

AirFiber AF24 with battery backup power from EP-54V-72W

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